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Offering clinics and workshops teaching horse lovers and trainers how to communicate and connect with horses at Liberty (without tack) using The Resnick Method of Horsemanship. We are passionate about, and are dedicated to helping people create a magical connection with their horses using rituals that are innate to the horse. Join us at an upcoming event near you, or visit us at one of our three locations in Santa Cruz and Escondido, California or Costa Rica!

A Journey Through The Waterhole Rituals Workshop With Carolyn Resnick

Dances With Horses Ranch Escondido, California

May 8th - 29th, 2021

Join Carolyn Resnick LIVE at her ranch for a 4 week immersion workshop! Each weekend for 4 weeks, Saturdays and Sundays, you will learn how to develop leadership, confidence and connection with horses! You will receive a self study program to study in between weekend lessons to practice your skills as Carolyn guides you through her Liberty Training® method,  The Waterhole Rituals.

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The Language of Horses Liberty Horsemanship Workshop

Cranes Creek Ranch in Cameron, North Carolina

May 26th - 27th, 2021

Immerse yourself in nature and learn from the horses themselves! 

This heart centered workshop will be focused on teaching you the “Language of Horses” through a proven communication system that horses use to communicate with each other. This tried and true method will help you to improve your leadership skills and build your confidence and connection with horses. Whether a beginner or advanced student of the horse, this clinic will have something for everyone and will help you to improve your horsemanship skills! 

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The Language of Horses 2 Day Workshop 

Destiny Coyote Ranch, Aptos, California

June 26th-27th, 2021

This workshop is a perfect for all students, beginner to advanced! Learn how to communicate with horses in a language they understand based on the natural instincts of horses! Build leadership skills, confidence and connection with horses and improve your horsemanship skills at Liberty (no tack). This workshop will help you to become the leader your horse needs you to be!


Mindful Meditation with Horses Day Retreats

Destiny Coyote Ranch in Aptos, California

(Group and Private Sessions Available By Appointment)

Find your true nature and learn to develop a deeper bond with horses through meditation and practical exercises that will bring harmony to you and your horse.

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5 Day WHR Immersion Retreat 

Destiny Coyote Ranch in Aptos, California

Year Round Dates Available 

Join Nancy Zintsmaster at Destiny Coyote Ranch in Aptos, California! Situated in the beautiful Redwoods, Destiny Coyote Ranch is a hidden gem and perfect for a week long getaway/day retreat experience. Nan Zintsmaster will take you on a journey through the Waterhole Rituals®, a method of Liberty Training® developed by Carolyn Resnick through her observation of horses in nature. You will learn the natural instincts of horses and how you can communicate with horses so that they will want to follow your lead. This 5 day immersion clinic/day retreat will be open to only a few participants and is packed full of fun and an in-depth education in true horsemanship.

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7 Day WHR Immersion Retreat 

CRM Dances with Horses Ranch

 Costa Rica

(Choose your date, available year-round)

Join Nancy Zintsmaster, and her amazing rescue horses, at CRM Dances with Horses Ranch in beautiful Costa Rica on Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano! Take a journey through the Waterhole Rituals in an in depth study of the natural instincts of horses and how you can communicate with horses so that they will want to follow your lead. This retreat is packed full of education, adventure and relaxation!

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What Others Have to Say...

"My horse journey unraveled 2 years ago when I took Nan Zintsmaster's Liberty Horse Training clinic in Aptos, CA and fell in love with the transformative experience of being able to connect with a horse at liberty. I remember feeling very timid and shy about being inside the arena with the horse and with the audience watching. Knowing this, Nancy offered to turn off her mic and coached me through the entire process. Half way into the process, something just clicked, and I began to run alongside Mystic and felt the palpable connection...it was exhilarating! It was a moment I could have missed had it not been for Nancy’s encouragement to step inside the arena. Her thoughtful consideration and intuition on how best to create a safe space for participants to explore and connect with the horse physically and emotionally, while also maintaining respect for the horse’s energy and focus is so beautifully balanced. That experience gave me confidence to say “yes” to future challenges."

Anna Kwok

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